J. Bonner

Central Washington University (UNITED STATES)
Building an accounting course to engage students in practical application of accounting concepts can be a challenge, especially if the student is not targeting a career in the accounting profession. Textbooks are often not written for the non accounting manager, and those that may be written towards the non-financial manager, often leave out the depth of topics and concepts necessary for a future non-financial manager to be able to effectively apply the information they are learning in an accounting course. The challenges not only include how to engage the student in the course assignments but to also engage the faculty in making the course engaging in the design of assignments, readings, and application exercises. Engagement in course design must have engagement of the faculty, research by the faculty, and a focus on the learning style of the student. The following is a review of a course design that focused on the following principles: unique books and information sources, application of material focused on what a non-financial manager may experience, and use of video supplements.