S.P. Bindra1, A. Lawafi1, T. Al Mstar1, S. Abulifa2

1Civil Aviation College (LIBYA)
2Ministry of Local Governance, Tripoli (LIBYA)
This paper is designed to present an overview on the state of art on new training approaches and methodologies to meet the sustainable air travel demands at global, regional, national and local levels. It demonstrates how the civil aviation college in New Libya is playing the vital role for effective training using a UNESCO blended learning approach that helps play in leveling the varied content knowledge, expertise and experience of aviation professionals. It highlights a strategy and plan of action to meet the challenges of change and development in education required to develop the vital skills and experience of aviation professionals needed to perform their more sophisticated jobs with greater coordination and prioritization among aviation stakeholders.
Finally it provides a framework approach using outcomes, output, base line, targets, performance indicators and activities to design a wide range of formal training programs using education and new learning technologies for the enhancement of aviation safety in general and in Libya in particular.