R. Bilkova , J. Jech

University of Pardubice (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Today's network offices bring new technologies that would be inconceivable for a 20th-century manager. The growing use of smart mobile devices and the speedup of Internet technologies are bringing increasing popularity to social networks. Most managers understand how to use online tools for their digital marketing activities, but less well understand how they can use popular social networks to expand the power of corporate marketing activities, especially in the field of strengthening the corporate brand and mutual communication with customers.

The rise of social media has caused a shift in the understanding of online marketing campaigns. Social media is highly accessible and scalable, its growth represents an opportunity for information-based business, but it also complicates the work of marketing managers who must be prepared to face these new challenges, understand a new style of communication with customers that changes the style of marketing activities. Social networks transform broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues with an emphasis on up-to-date content, the use of engaging multimedia formats, and quick response to the customer.

The purpose of this article is to explore how marketing managers use social media to build a brand and reach online customers. The goal is to find out what specific knowledge and skills modern marketing manager and also every graduate of economic studies with a focus on marketing should acquire to be ready to face these current challenges.

These findings can be valuable for a better understanding of the work of a social media manager as well as updating training courses according to current market trends.