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R. Bilbokaite, L. Liukineviciene

Siauliai University (LITHUANIA)
Postmodern age has changed humans’ mind and thinking abilities. Education at the moment is one of the most important factors for scientific discussions because human want to be as well educated as it is possible. There is no doubt that higher education is a priority searching for well paid occupations. This rule of social and economical life inspired researches to look for education quality. There are lots of universities in the world and each of them must be institution which prepares students for professional life as good as it is asked in working market. According to this, Šiauliai University has created a strategy for development of Higher education quality, and, according to it, there was started to create quality management system of studies (SQMS). This circumstanced diagnostic researches that would enclose the quality elements in institutional level and, also, could enclose aspects that should be changed in a near future aiming to control and to monitor quality.
The article presents the results of data analysis and discussion which will show the short strategically planned aspects that would ensure quality in institutional level. There were asked more than 3500 students during 3 year (from 2008 till 2010) about their satisfaction and quality level of studies. Also, there was used focus groups research to find out opinion of lecturers.
The quality of studies process was evaluated at the middle level. Relationships and collaboration between students and teachers in the education process was evaluated differently. The highest percent was given to possibility of discussion during lectures. Also, teachers’ help and consultation in free time of the lectures was evaluated in high rating. The system of dominating teaching paradigm is evaluated in the similar middle position as the pedagogical system of learning paradigm. The realization of modules was evaluated in high ratings; there was noticed that students are informed about evaluation and learning rules, also, they know what they need to educate during models learning period. The other results also explain that various aspects in Siauliai university are evaluated by students in normal and good marks, but still institution lacks better evaluations. According to the findings, discussion part encloses that after evaluation there must be correcting plan that could ensure how study program will be improved and how all weak aspects of quality will be eliminated or reinforced.