I. Bider Petelin

Faculty of education (SLOVENIA)
Past research confirms the importance of a properly developed prereading skills needed to start learning to read. Many of the causes of reading difficulties stem from problems in the prereading skills, especially in phonological domain. Results from researches demonstrate that a part of school children has learning problems, and they show warning sign yet in preschool age. Researches demonstrate, that the efficiently prediction of specific learning disabilities is possible. An early treatment may also alleviate or even prevent such learning difficulties. The presentation wants to underline the importance of early detection of reading problems in Republic of Slovenia and to suggest a systematically organization of screening testing in the preschool period. The poster touches upon the problem of how to identify children at risk of developing reading disorders as early as possible, even before learning to read. Early detection of deficits in the area is of great importance, since it enables us to take one step closer in dealing successfully with problems concerning reading by preventive trainings and development of preliteracy skills. Appropriate training cannot be evolved without proper estimates of deficits in preliteracy skills. The poster therefore attempts to offer an answer to the question of how and with what tools and tests such estimates can be obtained.