P. Bhalla, P. Bhardwaj, G. Makkar

Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Dubai Campus (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
In this paper, we introduce an Interactive Intelligent Tutoring Agent (IITA) that can be implemented in all dimensions of education and learning. In the present day scenario, the tutoring methods through computers are based on multimedia resources such as text, video, audio or animations. Other methods where an interaction is possible, requires a tutor to either be physically present with the student or through other forms of communication. Our solution provides a computer based, artificially intelligent tutoring system, IITA, where the student will be given the freedom to interact with the computer while absorbing the knowledge given by it. IITA will be capable of adapting to the level of the student’s knowledge of any topic and shall start explaining according to the student’s ability and preparation with any particular subject. As experienced in a human based tutorial environment, the student will be able to ask questions and verify queries with IITA at any time during the lecture. If the student is not able to understand a concept at any point, IITA will adapt to what a tutor in a real environment would do, and will try to explain the concept or system with a different example and approach. IITA ensures that a student understands each concept clearly, as it will ask questions during the lecture from where it will judge the level of understanding of the student and will provide the student with its results at the end of every lecture, letting the student know his progress. IITA can be adapted in various fields of education due to its platform and discipline independency. The presently existing sources of education, when combined with the features of IITA will create a powerful, efficient, and yet a fun learning tool.