I. Bhaduri1, S. Bhaduri2

1National Council of Educational Research And Training (INDIA)
2Virginia Tech (UNITED STATES)
There is an inherent contradiction between 'what is assessment' and the procedures and ways of doing it. The assessment process claims to understand the Childs' learning abilities and to gain information useful for more effective learning situations. The ways, however, are often limited to measuring 'what the tests measures'. Assessment is imperative in the teaching-learning process. The effect and efficiency of an educational endeavour rests on appropriate assessment. An effective assessment looks into whether or not the objectives of the learning process have been fulfilled. Assessment of the teaching learning process is thus, in essence a key into understanding not only the students’ potential and gauge the increment in the knowledge base, but can also be used to identify the factors which may enhance learning in a classroom environment. This paper portrays the present state of assessment in the Indian classroom and provides a framework of reinventing assessment for a holistic understanding of the learner and the learning situations.