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S. Bhadoria

University of Sirte (LIBYA)
As is well known, there are many foreign teachers who are teaching English in Libya at the various universities all over Libya. It is a different experience for the students who learn English from foreign teachers and it is a different and somewhat challenging experience for the teachers who are teaching English in a foreign country. Teachers from different countries are exposed to various challenges during their teaching process, these challenges maybe educational, social and cultural challenges. In this paper, a study of the various challenges that teachers are exposed to, because of coming to teach Libyan [Arab] students, producing some difficulties inside the lecture hall, is presented. These difficulties may be related to traditions, personal treatment or dealing and physical appearance of both teacher and student, previous experiences of learning English of the students, student behavior or the infrastructural lacunas. The concentration in this paper is only on foreign teachers teaching English in Sirte University. The study includes is based on observations and experiences of the author as well as discussions with Languages Center’s teachers, Educational College and English Department's Lecturers in the University of Sirte and other teachers from different universities in Libya. As far as the knowledge of author is concerned, this is the first time that a research paper is being presented on this topic. It is important in evaluation of the role of foreign teachers of English in Libya. It also helps us to understand the problems faced by foreign teachers, if any and find a possible solution to them. The main aim of this research paper will be examining problems of teaching English in Libya focusing on the experiences of the foreign teachers.