R. Bermejo, A. Ramos, A. Ortiz, R. Cuesta, A. Quesada

University of JaƩn. EPS de Linares (SPAIN)
Many researchers have shown that learning by non traditional methods could be a successful experience. New information and communication technologies make possible to design multimedia environments that can be used for engineering education. In this sense, instructors of engineering education have long recognized the need for laboratory experience, through which student can deepen their understanding of conceptual. Therefore, it is necessary and helpful to give students laboratory experience, especially when they take engineering courses.

For the student one of the Chemistry education problems is to learn the theory necessary to understand real chemistry processes In this sense, laboratory experiments are fundamentals to give students a general overview and practice understanding of the subject. In this work, we show the experiences developed for Physical, Inorganic and Organic chemistry subjects given in the EPS Linares School of Engineering. Through the use of ICT and starting from our experience in experimental subject teaching we have tried to redress shortcomings in students driven us to develop new experiment collections covering some fundamental topics as: kinetic, electrochemical, spectroscopic, photochemical, bioinorganic, synthesis, structural determination and separation processes.

This communication presents the audiovisual material developed for teaching Chemistry in Chemical Engineering studies. These resources allow the experiment visualization and the student could have an approximation to the real work in the laboratory before him/her hands-on experiment. The main objective of this work has been to develop new curricular materials for chemistry learning, different to the traditional ones, creating multimedia didactical material to promote the acquisition of lab skills, self-directed learning abilities and autonomous work for experimental subjects in Higher Education. In this way, we propose the use of the multimedia as tool to facilitate the progressively adaptation to new teaching and learning scenarios.