A. Berkova

University of Hradec Kralove (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The main focus of the paper is concerned with the results of a questionnaire survey conducted on undergraduate students in the subject of Calculus in November 2013 in Canada, Portugal and also, subsequently, in January 2014 in the Czech Republic. The survey deals with students' approaches to learning and studying, their expectations and goals of higher education and preferences for different types of course and teaching, especially in working with information and communication technologies. The questionnaire was created as part of the research focused on the use of web platforms for the testing of mathematical knowledge (such as Maple T. A.,WebAssign, MuchLearning) in the teaching of mathematical analysis in the context of students' approaches to learning and studying. In Addition to the presentation of a cluster and comparative analysis of the survey results, this paper also informs about this ongoing research. The basis for the development of the questionnaire has become the instruments generated within the ETL (Enhancing Teaching and Learning) project at the University of Edinburgh. These high quality questionnaires were adapted for our research and evaluated in three contexts – Czech, Canadian and Portuguese.