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A. Benedek, G. Molnár

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (HUNGARY)
This paper first shortly describes the current theoretical background and its first implementation steps into the process of vocational teachers training on the way of innovation learning and teaching methodology. It then provides analysis of teachers attitude to the new learning environment according to the content development in VET (Vocational Education and Training) programs. In the VET content development the rapidly changing elements determined by technological and economic aspects (Beetham, H. and Sharpe, R. 2013), and the dynamics of the changes are difficult to be forecasted. There is a transformation turn going on in VET, the old structures are no more able to respond to the new challenges (Nore, H. 2015). We are less and less able to manage these changes within the rigid frameworks of the qualification systems and closed structures. This topic has strong VET didactical features (Gessler, M.; Herrera L. M.; 2015), and is partly connected to the endeavours which strive to shape the alternatives of the traditional VET curricula in a learning environment determined by modern ICT (info-communication technology) in the learning process and also in the construction of the curriculum as well (Colons, A.; Halverson, R. 2009; Benedek, A.; Molnár, Gy. 2014, 2015, 2017). Therefore our research activities the OCD model, which was based on the results of several learning content digitalizing projects, was built upon the recognition of the change in the teaching-learning paradigm. In addition to the appearance of the new learning functions, the ICT environment offering us new opportunities so we started the mid-term dissemination of the OCD model in the frame of a technical university where the vocational teacher training gives us parallel firstly to improve the methodological knowledge of the new vocational teachers and secondly to implement in the VET institution the OCD model in the teaching and learning practice.

The OCD project, that invited the teachers, who were ready to teach in an interactive and cooperative way open content development, i.e. in an online learning environment possible to be motivated, to join the development into the process of learning material construction (creation of micro-content). Our paper explores the possible steps to support the students of vocational teacher training program by the OCD model dedicated to improving the methodical knowledge of teachers. The OCD training module is given in the frame of a further training blended learning courses and covers a particular aspect of the attitude survey. To get teachers feedback regarding their attitude forwards ICT based learning environment and interactive collaborative methods we used a quantitative questionnaire (N=150) in fall semester 2017. This development paradigm sets out from the conception that the use of ICT has become general, which allows a high-level interactive connection between human and machines. In this process, a complex medial learning space can be established, in which the development and acquisition of the learning material can be more flexible in space and time than ever before. Finally, based on the analysis, various options to support the VET teachers in the practice are excepted.