C. Bekker

Tshwane University of Technology (SOUTH AFRICA)
In this paper, the researcher examines how preschoolers of diverse communities, grasp, in the course of ‘free play’, a magnitude of vocabulary in the eleven official languages of South Africa. In so doing, the participants will show the speed of learning at different ages. A set of educational materials will be used for the purposes of connecting visual material with the vocabulary in all eleven languages. Participants will be drawing on multilingual interactional resources, participation in such activities such as identification, repetition and pronunciation. The constant interactional of participant with the materials will provide vital learning of languages at a stage where they are most likely to succeed. Participants will be evaluated afterwards, examining in some analytic detail the preschooler’s recollection of what they learnt. The analyses will provide information on how different ages grasp languages and also how diverse communities grasp information.