S. Bekareva1, E. Meltenisova2, N. Kravchenko2, Z. Xueqing3

1Novosibirsk State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
2Novosibirsk State University, Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
3Heiloungjang University (CHINA)
Heiloungjiang University and Novosibirsk State University have been the partners for several years. Chinese-Russian Institute was founded by Heiloungjiang University, Harbin, in order to educate the Chinese students some studies in Russian. One of the majors is economics; the educational program “International Finance” was created for the Bachelors’ level students.

This educational project includes twelve financial disciplines in Russian that comprise some basic financial knowledge. This program realization is required many competences such as: 1) keeping a high level of teaching finance courses for the students with a different level of a basic economic knowledge, 2) using some methods of teaching the Russian language in a specific field to the Chinese students; 3) using some methods of intercultural communication theory to deal with the foreign students.

This international educational project is successful. Nevertheless it needs to be developed as a respond to the up-to-date requirements of the modern world economy and the Chinese national economy as well.

To raise a level of educational process this academic year it has been decided to add to the curriculum a discipline that provides support for scientific research. This discipline helps students to prepare their course papers as the first investigation and write their abstracts to the International Scientific Students Conference (ISSC-2017) at NSU. This April eight Chinese students have been the participants of this conference.

Specific objects of our enquiry in the educational field are the followings:
1. To analyze the strengths and shortcomings of the students’ works and make some recommendations to develop the discipline.
2. To prove the unique methodology in providing supervision of scientific research for both Chinese and Russian professors.
3. To analyze the topicality of the financial issues in order to choose the most important as to Chinese and Russian economies.
Conclusion of our paper deals with taking into consideration all the aspects of teaching finance, dealing with foreign students, and developing of the methodology of a new educational discipline.

JEL classification: A23 (Economic Education and Teaching of Economics, Graduate).