S. Bekareva, E. Meltenisova

Novosibirsk State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Novosibirsk State University (NSU) has several international projects which give stimuli of development for the new educational programs. Department of Economics of NSU is one of the leading departments in this type of university's educational activity. A new program, which started the last academic year, was the educational program "International Finance" for the Bachelors' level students of the Chinese-Russian Institute at Heiloungjiang University, Harbin, China. This program has been put into practice for the last year, and NSU's teachers have faced some challenges.

To realize this program is necessary:
- to keep a high level of teaching financial courses for the students, with a different level of a basic economic knowledge;
- to adopt the courses using up-to-date situations in finance all over the world and in the countries which it concentrates on;
- to use some methods of teaching the Russian language in a specific field to the foreign students;
- to use an intercultural communication theory to deal with the management of the Chinese university and its students.

Specific objectives of the investigation are:
1) to propose a balanced educational program which reflects specific characteristics of finance as well as the peculiarity of teaching foreign students;
2) to prove a methodological approach to arrange and develop financial courses, including development of new handbooks and working papers for the foreign students.

The investigation was made on the basis of interviewing and filling in questionnaires by the NSU's teachers and foreign students.
Methods of investigation deal with an overlap of such fields as economics, linguistics, education, and intercultural communication.
Results of the investigation are connecting with its objectives. A new educational program is proposed and a methodological approach is developed.
Conclusion of our paper deals with taking into consideration all the aspects of teaching financial courses to the foreign students with the help of the example of the NSU.