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G. Bedoya1, G. Mantilla2

1North Special Education Institute (ECUADOR)
2SEK International University (ECUADOR)
This article refers to the application and use of ICT through the "Sígueme" Project in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder associated to Multi-disability in the "Instituto de Educación Especial del Norte" of the city of Quito in Ecuador, as a tool to facilitate the learning process at scholar and therapeutical level.

The work in the therapeutic area in a traditional way is ineffective with students who present this diagnostic by not obtaining an oral response that confirms the acquisition of knowledge, so, the use of the "Sígueme" Project in addition to, develop their communication through a board, can improve the fixation, capture and visual memory, sustained attention, management of stereotypes, monitoring of simple orders, permanence in workplace and interaction, among other aspects.

This tool is applied with the use of a Tablet, to a group of students within the psychological area with specific cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder indistinctly associated with severe to profound intellectual disability, low vision, hearing loss, anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, Infantile Cerebral Palsy, Fragile X Syndrome, Damp Syndrome, Opitz Frías Syndrome, etc.

The activity was developed individually, with an initial process of observation both inside and outside the classroom accompanied by the adaptation of the therapeutic area and material to be used. The program consisted of 6 incremental phases complemented by 14 previous activities to achieve a disposition by students.

The monitoring of the application of the program was evaluated through a record of achievements that unites the work objectives of the "Sígueme" Project and indicators with a degree of complexity greater than the one proposed, which include visual attention, behaviors, acquisition of knowledge and acquisition of language.

The final results are very encouraging both quantitative and qualitative level when palpable achievements are observed favoring their academic and social performance, modifying the perception of the teacher and the therapists in charge.