F. Barth, R. Bologna, A. Dizenzo, C. Massaccesi

Università degli Studi di Firenze (ITALY)
This paper aims to present the results of our first experience using Moodle as a tool to support an in-class seminar of architecture of technology. Interactive activities were planned to accompany the seminar's laboratory with undergraduate students in architecture. The seminar was taught by two teachers and also counted on the collaboration of two post-graduate architecture students, who participated in the orientation of classroom activities and collaborated in the elaboration of didactic material and content management in the platform.

The teaching and learning virtual environment revealed itself to be very useful for classrooms activities. The information and communication technology (ICT) also ended up reducing the gap between teachers, tutors and students. In this environment, it was possible to organize the seminar's activities, allowing integration facilities with an interactive approach between teachers and students. This web platform enabled educators to create and manage online and offline activities increasing exchange opportunities and effective interactions in a constructivist approach to education, underlining the social aspects and the technologies that students use in their social relationships. Moodle's functionalities allowed the creation and organization of online and offline activities as a support to the activities developed in the classroom. It also facilitated the management of research content, lessons, glossary and movies by the systematization of group messages, advices and orientation tips. Finally, this seminar attempted to make possible for students to insert their works and contributions and make comments regarding the content. The collaborative work developed in classroom and on the platform brought new ideas and tools as well as improved knowledge in a synergetic ambience.