K. Bártek

Palacký University Olomouc, Faculty of Education (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Nowadays, on the basis of the Digital Education Strategy in the Czech Republic until 2020 [1], an innovative process of curriculum for the teaching of informatics and/or computer science -oriented subjects is under way [2], [3],[4]. Today information and communication technology (ICT) has a significant impact on all fields of human activity, so the basic requirement for teaching informatics or informatics-oriented disciplines should also be its implementation in the widest range of school subjects.

In our paper, we summarize selected partial results of a questionnaire survey among 123 computer science teachers at primary and secondary schools aimed at determining the rate of use of interdisciplinary relationships, primarily in computer science and mathematics, and identifying topics that teachers classify or consider appropriate for inclusion in curricula. Using descriptive statistics tools, we attempted to describe the current state of the subject. There were 51% of researched teachers, who stated that they also teach mathematics or work in primary schools. Surprisingly, less than half of them (mathematics teachers) – only 44%perceive it as necessary to change the curriculum of mathematics due to the computer science curriculum and its inovations. MS Excel is the most suitable program (76% mathematics teachers) for the application of computer science topics in mathematics. Overall, 80% of respondents mentioned it.

Among the appropriate topics using in MS Excel teachers included e.g. linear functions and calculating functional values, plotting of function graphs (61% of all respondents); similarly (61% of all respondents) mentioned solutions of linear function systems, finding the intersections of two graphs. The use of MS Excel in the solution of logical problems is considered appropriate by 63% of respondents.

We believe that the connection and use of computer science topics in mathematics subject and viceversa should be completely natural. Therefore, the ongoing implementation of innovative interventions in the current curriculum of informatics should adequately integrated it.