A. Barlybayev1, S. Abdymanapov1, G. Akimbekova2

1Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade (KAZAKHSTAN)
2Eurasian National University (KAZAKHSTAN)
Intellectual electronic university (Smart University) is a complex, large and special information system developed using object-oriented technologies (programming and database), methods of artificial intelligence (ontological modeling of knowledge, processing of natural languages) and fuzzy logic (fuzzy descriptions and logical conclusions). Uninterrupted functioning of the Smart University is achieved on the basis of ensuring the information security of all processes occurring in it, and the identification of their users, which includes any activity aimed at protecting information and / or supporting infrastructure. An integral part of the organization of information security is the continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the measures taken, determining for the users of the Smart University a list of unacceptable actions, possible consequences and responsibilities. All this will be described in the information security policy of the Smart University, which is a document of the first level, it must be complemented by other documents (regulations and instructions) that will regulate the implementation of its provisions.