N.A. Barboza Tello, M.A. Díaz Hernández, A.L. Iglesias, I. Uriarte-Ramírez

Autonomous University of Baja California (MEXICO)
With the emergence of new technologies, specifically, the development of more precise, faster and noninvasive devices for medical diagnosis and treatment, the need for trained personnel with appropriate skills, both from the industry and services sectors are changing, leading to the need for design and implement curricula to prepare professionals to cover these needs, for example Bioengineering. This is a broad discipline since a Bioengineer must have knowledge of various disciplines such as Biology, Physiology, Engineering and Chemistry, to name a few, and because it is a relatively new area there is a very small number of professionals in this specialty, so those involved in forming bioengineers are teachers with different professional profiles such as Electronic Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology and others. This represents a great challenge for teachers because they must seek a convergence line that allows them to match up their profiles to work in an interdisciplinary way and prepare successful professionals. Under these circumstances at the Engineering Science and Technology School (ECITEC) we have organized some activities such as the assignment to develop interdisciplinary projects per semester for each group of the Bioengineering educational program. These projects must involve the application of competencies from at least three different subjects and they should propose a solution to a real problem, this helps students find the usefulness of subjects competencies in their training as a Bioengineer, and reinforce their training in terms of planning and development a project. This activity required collegiate work among teachers to design appropriate projects that had the necessary elements to be evaluated, as well as their monthly progress revision. In this paper we present an analysis of the experiences learned and the key challenges faced during this process, also, feedback given by the students who participated in this activity.