N.A. Barboza Tello, J.A. Paz Gonzalez, I. Uriarte Ramírez

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (MEXICO)
Linking Industry-University is essential to ensure the relevance of educational programs that universities offer, as well as integral training of future engineering graduates. Linking Industry-University brings multiple benefits; among others we could mention that when students perform professional internships also apply the skills acquired during their education, they acquire traversal competences and skills related to their field of study, allowing them to identify opportunity areas to improve their professional development. Besides University Professors-Researchers have the experience and knowledge to develop projects to solve some Industry problems, optimizing the availability of specialized personnel without external recruitment services. However, despite the benefits, there is generally a significant gap for effective binding relationship between industry and educational institutions. This paper presents an analysis of factors that could contribute to improve this relationship. To make this analysis, we develop an electronic tool for its application to universities and industry contributors which has identified that one of most important factors would be the simplification of processes for establishing agreements