D. Barać1, V. Vujin1, A. Milić1, K. Simić1, V. Ratković-Živanović2

1Univeristy of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences (SERBIA)
2Radio Televizija Srbije (SERBIA)
This paper describes an approach for designing intranet portal within e-learning ecosystem. Main goal is to provide teachers and system administrators with single access point to plethora of services and information. Research context is focused on seamless integration of services, heterogeneous applications and resources used in teaching process and management of e-learning infrastructure. Services delivered through the portal include: business processes, teaching processes, network and resource management, and digital identity management within e-learning ecosystem. Detailed description of the implemented solution and technologies is provided. Access to all services is managed using single sign-on concept. Moodle LMS, as a core component of the system, is integrated with the portal. Main advantages of the proposed solution are reflected in: improved integration and management of teachers’ activities and information, collaboration, better performances of the system, availability, high level of personalization and integrated user management. The intranet portal is implemented in the e-learning ecosystem of Laboratory for e-business, Faculty of organizational sciences, University of Belgrade, where e-learning services are used by more than thousand users every year. Further, the intranet portal and e-learning services are hosted on private cloud.