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C. Bao1, LM. Lopez1, MC. Juarez1, JM. Castresana2

1Universidad de la Rioja (SPAIN)
2Universidad del Pais Vasco (SPAIN)
This work describes the experience of some teachers about teaching in the past in engineering summers courses and in nowadays in EEES.

For many years, before the 1964 Engineering Plan, the Engineering teaching was very selective, in terms of approaches to the students work and discipline and rigor in his personal behavior in the classroom.
In past the experience of some teachers who were pioneers in their time, in the High Technical Engineering of Bilbao, have obtained very good results with the same philosophy of EESS. But now everything seems new in the so-called European Higher Education Space (EEES) and circumstances. It was the summer courses. Courses were free to go (only student could go if he wanted) and were without any cost (they did not have material costs). Courses were especially for students which during the academic year had not worked enough to learn and to pass exams. The most important values were: Work and Discipline.

In this kind of courses, still in use in the Engineering School of LogroƱo, every academic thing is reviewed. But nowadays, the order in a very well organized and hard work are more specific and involves a working group Task: order, discipline and settlement of all the working group. Everyone who finished the course, had very good marks in grades. And moreover, had become, almost all, not only good students but also organized, serious and responsible people.