P. Banerjee

National University of Educational Planning and Administration (INDIA)
Organisations are undergoing sea changes as they step into the digital world through the roads of globalization, privatization and modernization. Rapid advances in telecommunication networks have heralded a 24*7 Culture that emphasizes only on productivity. The work Climate too is important as people are no longer wedded to the organization and are searching for better opportunities. We might find it hard to make differences between organisations as we may be descriptive or evaluative in approach. Thus, there are organisational characteristics that help in understanding the organisations which exert strong influences on the organizational members, performance and overall effectiveness. Organisational Culture and Organisational Climate are important among them, representing the underlying philosophy and summary perceptions of members of organisations respectively. Organisational Development on the other hand is aiming to assist the organization to be able to adapt to the changes using behavioural science skills and techniques for organisational productivity. Educational organisations are facing severe problems in terms of competition, quality degradation and deteriorating standards. There is need to identify, define, develop strategy, initiate action and solve the problem. The present research holds significance in dynamic environment affecting our educational organisations which need to be continuously assessed. By helping these organisations to diagnose their problematic areas through an assessment of their Organisational Culture and Climate, an attempt was made to develop strategies for solving their problems in the face of ever increasing demands of the global world. To establish the importance of OD interventions in the Education arena was the primary aim of conducting this research so that Education sector too is able to reap benefits as all others have, be it industrial, business, scientific etc.
Descriptive Research method was employed wherein three variables- Organisational Culture, Organisational Climate and Effective Team Building were juxtaposed between one Central and one State University in New Delhi. Sample was drawn from five Academic Departments of the Universities, ten teachers from each department thus the total sample size comprised of 100 teachers. Results revealed that Central universities have bureaucratic and autocratic Culture with moderately favourable Organisational Climate and Team effectiveness being high while State University was exact opposite with technical, entrepreneurial Culture, more favourable Organisational Climate and very high Team effectiveness. This study proves to be an eye opener for educationists, administrators, policy planners and academicians so as to help them understand the principles, practices, diagnose problems and bring about a paradigmatic shift in policy structures by accommodating the innovative changes for building empires out of organisations. Thus a good management team with a visionary leader can help to build empires out of organizations that nest people-friendly climate and have a rich embedded culture which together contribute to organisational success!