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M.A. Banasiak

University of Nicolaus Copernicus (POLAND)
There is an urgent need to recognize teachers’ work as complex and demanding, and improvement in teacher quality requires a re-conceptualization of how we prepare a new generation of teachers. Even both teacher education programs in Poland, USA are totally different, these days building a high-quality education system relevant to 21st century social and economic realities has become a top priority for both governments.
Reforming education systems within a context of ever-deepening globalization without first understanding its present challenges is not judicious. The poster will present these challenges and also compare both teacher training system showing differences and similarities between it and showing how many things has to be done.

The challenges for reforming teacher education in the world are:
- the marketization of education
- the rapid but uneven influence of information and communication technologies
- shifts in the learning needs of students from literacy, numeracy and content mastery to include soft skills like communication, curiosity, resilience, cooperation, and problem-solving abilities.
keywords: education, teacher, school.