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Pages: 6336-6340
Publication year: 2011
ISBN: 978-84-615-0441-1
ISSN: 2340-1117

Conference name: 3rd International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Dates: 4-6 July, 2011
Location: Barcelona, Spain


J. Ball, B. Smith

Edge Hill University (UNITED KINGDOM)
The presentation will demonstrate the current and ongoing development within e-learning in the health care sector work place within the United Kingdom. The Technology Enhanced learning Team within the Faculty of Health at Edge Hill University has over the past 18 months developed a portfolio of e-learning sessions. The new era of ‘Web 2.0’ technologies has been adopted to foster the building of online communities for sharing and standardizing services across National Health Service trusts and the independent health care sector. The educational expertise of the University has enhanced the online learning environment by ensuring all the sessions are pedagogically aligned.
There are a number of benefits for the commissioners and students alike. Online allows an increased flexibility for training large numbers of staff which would normally have been taken place during face-to face training settings. It provides a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution to meeting the essential learning needs of healthcare professionals without the need to backfill or staff to take time away from their work, or even the need to organize trainers and training venues.
The range of mandatory training sessions on offer includes health and safety; to the more specific areas such as child protection. Specialized areas of theoretical mandatory training to compliment the competencies achieved in practice, have been developed in conjunction with regional cancer networks to produce online training for chemotherapy, clinical intravenous training and spirituality. Each evidence-based package is quality assured by experts in the field to provide standardized care. Current ongoing development work currently being undertaken with NHS Trusts within the global issue of Patient Safety and Service Improvement and also the standardization of neurological examinations within head and neck trauma.
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AU - J. Ball AU - B. Smith
SN - 978-84-615-0441-1/2340-1117
PY - 2011
Y1 - 4-6 July, 2011
CI - Barcelona, Spain
JO - 3rd International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
JA - EDULEARN11 Proceedings
SP - 6336
EP - 6340
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J. Ball, B. Smith (2011) EDUCATION FOR ALL - LIVING IT !, EDULEARN11 Proceedings, pp. 6336-6340.