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A.M. Baldea1, M. Garabet1, I. Neacsu2

2"Grigore Moisil" National College (ROMANIA)
ESTABLISH (Environmental Sensing To Act for a Better quality of LIfe: Smart Health) is an European research project developing products, services and solutions on an individual level by using environmental sensors (air quality, temperature, humidity) and combining the environmental input with other data sources, for example personal wearable sensors, weather conditions etc. ESTABLISH will enable to go from monitoring the indoor and outdoor environment and traffic to managing the environmental conditions on a personal level and thus improving the quality of life, reducing health costs and supporting vulnerable groups such as the elderly and patients or prevention of weight problems in childhood based on avoiding excess food by establishing a balanced eating habits and physical activity daily or combating a sedentary lifestyle in adults by repeating gradual light physical exercises based on daily activities, increasing in intensity, with running, cycling, swimming. In addition, the environmental conditions can be managed geographically, e.g. on a district or city level, by aggregating the personal data. Prophylactic, in order to have a healthy body and harmoniously developed, some groups of students from schools from Bucharest participated in a pilot who intends to discover the influence of the air quality on physiological parameters during exercise execution. They learned how to use the wearable devices and the other sensors indications to get optimum results.