P. Balco, M. Drahošová

Comenius University, Faculty of Management (SLOVAKIA)
There are several variables in project management that affect their final results. These may have different titles depending on the project management methodology. One of the key principle in the life cycle of a project is the creation of an optimal organizational structure. It includes a description of the roles, the associated responsibilities, the setting up of relationships and relationships in order to benefit from its synergy.

Practical experience points to the fact that many project failures are due to poor team management, inappropriate relationship set-up in the team, and the inability to create a synergic effect in the team. These negatives cause delayed delivery, poor output quality and increase financial requirements for the project.

As part of our research, we tracked over 230 students who were divided into 60 teams with the ability to achieve individual and then teams goals.

This research was conducted in the framework of "Project Management", where the theoretical knowledge (individual, team) as well as the results of individual projects from the point of view of their management, content value, communication and so on were evaluated
Projects were practically oriented to deliver a particular product or service. The students created business cases, justified their intention, created specific teams where individual members have their roles, responsibilities to deliver the desired output.

As part of our measurements, we tracked the individual benefits of individual team members to the overall output, outcome, synergy effect created by well-established cooperation, and negative consequences on the other hand if it was not properly managed or lacked leadership.

The results point to the fact that today's students are more oriented towards achieving individual results. We observed low level of synergy and cooperation, the inability to listen to others or to make decisions after a collective discussion.

These results are a valuable basis to improve today’s education by modifying its content towards soft skills, and focusing on team collaboration to enhance synergy.