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L. Babo1, J. Mendonça2, C. Torres1

1Polytechnic of Porto (P.PORTO)/ISCAP and CEOS.PP (PORTUGAL)
2Polytechnic of Porto (P.PORTO)/ISEP (PORTUGAL)
Assessment is a key concept in the learning and teaching process and can be performed by several forms. It measures achievements, knowledges, understandings, capabilities or skills. Continuous assessment is a way to track students’ learning and provide timely feedback useful to improve future performance.

Diversified assessment practices are recommended so that students can participate in a variety of enriching experiences and can demonstrate their abilities. However, examinations and written tests are the assessment methods more often used in higher education.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze students’ opinion around a non-traditional continuous assessment procedure implemented in the course of Forecasting Methods at ISCAP/PPORTO. We present a quantitative study about students’ perceptions that emerge from the data collected in a survey where the students expressed their opinion around aspects such as, technical performance, content achievement and development of soft skills. Generally, the students revealed a positive opinion about the new continuous assessment activities.