Y. Babanova, S. Aliukov

South Ural State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
High speed of changes in the business space requires from business leaders to be constantly in the trend, and to keep abreast of new management techniques. However, the positive experience of previous development imposes stereotypes on the thinking of the leaders, which are very difficult to change. The aim of this study is to identify effective educational technologies to change the prism of thinking of a leader and uncover some unique opportunities for the development of enterprises. Now it is proved that the game methods and other interactive techniques raise the level of perception of the information, but business executives are a unique category of the audience with an established opinion, and with management skills brought to automaticity. Currently, market conditions become more complex, so the simple improvement of existing business processes often does not bring the desired results. Therefore, for the development of enterprises we need to implement technologies that change the emphasis of leader's attention, allowing us to highlight opportunities that have not been visible. Such kind of technology is so called QRM (Quick Response Management), biasing attention of the leaders from the "costs of production" to "speed of execution of an order." The change of the prism of management thinking can reduce production cycle in times that consequently leads to a reduction of costs and improvement of quality. However, in the base of the implementation of QRM there is the need to change existing stereotypes or paradigms, and this one causes the greatest difficulties. The solution of this problem is to use complex educational methods: coaching, game methods and project approach. Such a decision can be implemented only if there is a specially equipped space that allows, on the one hand, to remove the learner from the familiar surroundings on his or her site, and, on the other hand, to show him or her the real results obtained by fundamentally different management methods on conventional elements. This space is called "Factory for simulation of business processes or QRM-laboratory" and it is a specialized training system designed for practical and project-based learning by modeling production and management processes. A key element is the actual unit produced by enterprise and with its help some tools and techniques of production are demonstrated. This solution is implemented in Russian enterprise "KAMAZ" and this technique shows the unique results.