N. Baba-Ciosek

Silesian University of Technology (POLAND)
The paper is about interdisciplinary cooperation which is linking industry with university through the work of Animators of the innovation who are undertaking diversified activities to transfer technology, ideas and creative thoughts especially in the field of design. The whole undertaking is conducted under auspices of local government - Marshall Office as a leader of the project Design Silesia which is set to develop theoretical activities towards practice.

The key responsibility in the process of idea transfer referring the design field is based on work of Animators who are representing Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer in Silesian University of Technology. They have been trained as part of the Academy of the Design - a training program being aimed on the extension of the field of interest of participants for the issues associated with the widely understood design. The strategic aim of the Academy of the Design was to include issues of design into the scope of future operating activities of Animators of the innovation, as well as building interrelations to the purpose of rational using held funds, of innovation stimulation of the creative sector and promoting the best practice. After being trained Animators of the innovation started work in the field, visiting all sorts of companies of the Silesian region and identifying their needs in the field of design. In this way, being linked, each company will be provided with an opportunity to be connected with and finally to host young designers and experienced experts in its premises. As a result of the Animators field work it will appear a whole process of serviceproduct implementation taking into account company’s production capacity and machinery.

In summary, the main idea of the Academy of the Design, and then the work Animators of the innovation was establishing reliable contacts, connections and relations which can contribute to joint undertakings of the business park, academic environment and the governmental organizations, what will work stimulatingly to the labor market and of growth of industry.
Design Silesia project is realized within the Submeasure 8.2.2 Regional Innovation Strategies of the Human Capital Operational Programme. Marshall Office of Silesian Voivodship is a leader of the project that works in a partnership with Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and Castle in Cieszyn.