S. Axinte1, G. Bala2, T. Turcoiu3, I. Miresteanu4

2National Authority for Scientific Research, ANCS (ROMANIA)
3University “Politehnica” Bucharest, UPB (ROMANIA)
4National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies (Centre for Technological Transfer in Microengineering) (ROMANIA)
Europe should invest more efficiently and smarter in research and development, both in the public and the private area, in order to stimulate medium term growth and to obtain a counter cycle effect during recession.
It is absolutely necessary to intensify cooperation in the EU and global research, aiming towards a better use of search results, through a more efficient protection of intellectual property.
Education systems should be adapted to the innovation needs of enterprises and also, dynamic and innovative SMEs should receive more encouragement. Focused efforts to improve the promising innovation results obtained by Europe may give us solutions for mankind’s global problems.
According to the conclusions enclosed in the recent Report of the European Commission, regarding the competitiveness of the Innovation Union, there has been said that Europe 2020 strategy can determine a long lasting and intelligent economic growth, only if the innovation performance level in the EU will be improved in many different areas.
The gap between the EU and the US, regarding research intensity in high and medium technology, should be urgently shortened. In other words, we need structural change and also changes inside areas.
Some European countries, such as Austria and Denmark have managed to accomplish this structural change by adopting a knowledge-based economy. Many of those countries have successfully recovered after recession due to investment in research and innovation.
Common elements for this kind of success are: the existence of dynamic SMEs, improving scientific excellence in public research and achieving some favorable basic conditions for introducing new knowledge on the marketplace.
The Master in Innovation and technologic transfer, held in the University of Polytechnics Bucharest, is an example of good training of promising talents and aspiration towards a society of innovation, which can only be achieved by scholars in innovative entrepreneurship.