M. Avdonina1, N. Zhabo1, I. Stepanov2, V. Ulyumdzhieva1, E. Notina1

1Peoples’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
2Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University (UKRAINE)
Education of a responsible specialist is considered as gradually handled tasks developed by the teacher for this purpose.

The subject of the present analysis is the integration, within multimedia projects, of French culture and traditions into the scientific work of undergraduate and graduate students in mastering the chosen specialty, namely two environmental specialties, four medical and seven agricultural ones.

Within two years, six multimedia short-term individual and group projects have been carried out, aimed at forming a professional foreign-language communicative competence of future specialists and completing, in the cases under consideration, the creation by the students of a video in French on the chosen topic.

The following sequence of activities of teachers and students was developed:
At the initial stage, team members study and systematize materials in French, English and Russian on selected topics and highlight the main axes of the project.

Next, the team considers the possibilities of implementing and presenting the project. In the projects analyzed in this paper, the form of the video clip was selected. For this purpose, oral explanations of project participants in French for each stage of the production demonstration are compiled from the prepared material. During the editing, subtitles in French have been also written for the video.

It should be noted that this version of the presentation of the results of the research has required knowledge beyond the academic competence, namely, the skills to work with applications and programs for shooting, compiling video material and selected documents, video editing, etc. These video materials are shown at the annual scientific and practical conference of masters and graduate students, prefacing the report in French which has caused a great interest of the audience. In the following months, other groups of students announced a decision to conduct a similar study.

Within the framework of one project, a synthesis of knowledge on agriculture, medicine and history and an.integration of student research work in the project have been achieved.