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M.A. Auger

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (SPAIN)
Researchers training is a delicate task which includes the achievement of several matters related both with Science, Technology, Society or Social development. A great effort in this topic is carried out at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid through the supervision of Final Projects developed by students in the final year of their Engineering Degrees. The common denominator with Science comes from the students knowledge acquired in their Degree studying background. All this knowledge is applied in the Final Project execution, in which advanced technologies and skills to manage them are tipically required. The students are due to know the experimental equipment that they need to use and the information that they can extract from it, as well as failure diagnostics and solutions. All the activities carried out in an experimental laboratory: setting up instruments, data acquisition, data interpretation and reports writing involve an important effort from the students and mean a very interesting professional practice for them. Any aspects in this work are resumed in a written report composed by the students and shown in an oral presentation before an evaluating pannel. All these efforts carried out by the students can reach several results: formation ampliation by Master or Doctorate studying or an immediate incorporation into the labour market. Both opportunities mean the incorporation of young people with rigorous technical and scientific formation into Society matters, and then allowing them a personal and professional development either in Research Centers or Companies.