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B. Atici1, U. Bati2

1Firat University, Faculty of Education (TURKEY)
2Yeditepe University, Faculty of Communication (TURKEY)
Nowadays the usage of social networks in online learning implementations has been increasing like in other areas. However, there are few research findings about the usage and effects of these sites. Implementations in the online learning environments; the participation of learners is a complex process so the most fundamental issue is to find out the way on how to encourage the learners’ engagement. Since realizing the most effective online learning depends on active participation of all students. This research not only examines how feeling identification in a social group paves the way of learners’ enthusiasm and success but also defines what cases affect the learners’ participation to the online learning. For this purpose, 60 learners who took part in online learning were distributed into two groups, as experimental and control groups. The learners who were in the experimental group participates both in learning on line atmospheres and in social networks via Facebook. The students in control group only took part in online learning environment. The research tool called “Sense of Classroom Community Index” applied for the students who were in experimental and control groups. An achievement test with 30 questions for an ICT lesson applied for both the experimental and control group and the results show that the learners who were in experimental group were more successful than the ones in control group. This research study shows the way the learners’ engagement can be encouraged to the learning online implementations which have been rising drastically.