University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT) (BULGARIA)
About this paper:
Appears in: ICERI2019 Proceedings
Publication year: 2019
Pages: 3617-3620
ISBN: 978-84-09-14755-7
ISSN: 2340-1095
doi: 10.21125/iceri.2019.0930
Conference name: 12th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
Dates: 11-13 November, 2019
Location: Seville, Spain
The Bulgarian Revival provokes profound scientific and public interest. Despite the enormous attention on the cultural heritage of the Bulgarian Revival, many of the documents that can illuminate the period are still unknown or unfamiliar to the audience. The lack of clear, unified and easily identifiable information on existing documents and their institutional affiliation highlights the main problem that the paper addresses. It is main goal is to present the conception of the scientific project, titled "Information Portal for Archival-Documentary Heritage of the Bulgarian Revival" (December 2018-December 2021) (Contract КП-06-Н 25/2,13.12.2018, National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria) and the new decisions suggested.

By combining interdisciplinary research methodology, the expected results from the implementation of the project are in several directions: Creation of "Information Portal on archival records - cultural heritage from the Bulgarian Revival" and the inclusion of records with the most varied language repertoire will lead to the exchange of educational and research content at national and international level and the strengthening of intercultural dialogue; New information technologies will provide prerequisites for better fundamental research on the Revival (national, regional and local); The use of interdisciplinary research tools will lead to systematization, explanation and possibility of analyzing facts already known to us, but also to the accumulation of new ones; will lead to the possibility of making qualitatively new summaries of the political, economic and cultural life on the Bulgarian lands during the Revival and will increase the scientific and public interest in this fundamental for the Bulgarian history period; The ability of local archival workers, citizens and interested parties to enrich the information potential of the portal will also stimulate the development of scientific life and increase civic activity at regional and local level; The design and development of methodological panels to the Portal will provide guaranteed access to reliable knowledge of how we should treat, describe and store documents from the Revival and similar sources over a wider time span; Accumulation of new knowledge in the fields of socialization of the archival cultural heritage and the application of information technologies for its preservation and promotion in the contemporary society.

By conducting: local workshops; presentations of the published books; as well as by conducting a national scientific conference - the fundamental knowledge will reach a wide range of users. The project will contribute to broadening the public dialogue, will preserve historical memory, and facilitate access to scientific resources, promote archival and records science, and stimulate research efforts for a better understanding of the Revival period.

Moreover, due to the historical destiny of the Bulgarian lands and the Bulgarians, the vast majority of primary sources of the Revival are kept in archives, museums and private collections abroad - in Europe, USA, Russia and other countries. In the long term, we will collect the information about these archival repositories as well.
Access to information, cultural heritage, information portal, archives, digitization, Bulgarian Revival.