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M.A. Asadullah1, S. Mirza2, S. H. Hussain Awan3

1University of Lahore, Lahore Business School (PAKISTAN)
2Air University Multan Campus (PAKISTAN)
3Lahore Business School University of Lahore (PAKISTAN)
Career is an essential part of an individual’s life. The development of life is formed by the choices made by an individual during the decisive phases of development. There has been a wide spectrum of influences that affect the decisions of individuals regarding education or career selection. This qualitative study examined how these factors lead the individuals to become victim of herd behavior. The study was conducted among the candidates of doctoral education from different disciplines. The findings revealed numerous factors that influenced the individual’s decisions at different stages of their educational and career life. The influence of such factors led them towards herding and they made their career and educational choices regardless of knowing their personal interests and faculties. This study also highlighted the importance of career counseling that would be helpful to overcome this problem. Implications for all the stakeholders are discussed.