L.M. Arvide Cambra

University of Almeria (SPAIN)
The knowledge of languages has got an outstanding role into the scientific fields of Education, Research and Innovation, and among them, Arabic is a language in advance due to its importance for the study of many linguistic, historical and philological matters. This paper analyzes teaching and learning system of Arabic used in the University of Almeria, with inclusion of contents, methodologies, objectives and e-technics as well as experiences and conclusion, etcetera. It explains the training ways of Arabic language employed through four subjects: Arabic I, Arabic II, Arabic III and Arabic IV along four semester of two academic years. In general, Arabic learned in the University of Almeria is the classical one, named Modern Standard Arabic, like in all the universities of the world, and the study of the grammar is fundamental. This article has also reference to the connection of these ways to the Higher Education in Spain and its comparison to the ways used in other Spanish universities and some universities of Europe and the United States.