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O. Arsenijevic, L. Bulatovic, G. Bulatovic

Faculty of Management (SERBIA)
Knowledge eeconomy today uses knowledge as a commodity of highest quality, i.e. as means of production and modus of competitive advantage in the market. Education has, therefore, become one of the segments of society that is closely related with the economy of a country. Standard form of organizing education in Serbia does not meet the criteria of contemporary business communication and successful actions. Main objection to current educational system is it inadequate orientation towards real needs of economic sector. Educational programmes on universities do not contribute to developing the staff that would adapt and respond to all the requirements of modern business in contemporary conditions. Starting from the assumption that strategic development and competitiveness of a particular state depends on the quality of its human resources, it is important to consider the importance of educational system in Serbia and investments in education quality improvement, through the prism of the attitudes of managers and private andpublic companies.