O. Arsenijević, G. Bulatović, L. Bulatović

Faculty of Management (SERBIA)
During the last two decades, the media in Serbia have intensively been in focus of the public, politicians and donors, but even with numerous changes caused by law and new regulation of media market, the real progress to the ideal picture of media landscape are rare. The aim of this paper is to present the education for the media through the university multimedia production as an educational-entrepreneurial undertaking with raising the level of general and specific knowledge and skills in the field of the media. This would, with employing such experts, lead up to the significant improvement of business and it would have a positive impact on transitional processes in the society, then the introduction of the system of order and quality control for media education, through the accreditation of already existing courses and creation of new specialized programmes for a permanent education.

A project of such an improvement in training media professionals is, therefore, a way that can also be helpful to the media sector and higher education sector, because knowledge and skills of media managers, trained in this way, should completely meet the needs of the labour market. Raising the level of professionalism, expertise, flexibility and financial independence are the imperatives of the new entrepreneurial university.

The paper presents the research results of the project “Digital media technologies and socially-educational changes” (Project no. 47020), which is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Education of the Republic of Serbia.