The adaptation of degree studies to the European Higher Education Area requires that each student prepares and presents a Degree Final Project, which must be carried out during the senior year and are aimed at demonstrating the skills and knowledge that the student has acquired during his/her studies. However, once the implementation of the new degree system has been completed, professors have noticed that many students do not have the abilities required to undertake a final project, which implies extra work for project supervisors. Therefore, workshops and activities should be developed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required for the preparation of a final project. Specifically, we propose the development of a Mentorship Program (PAT) called “Prepárate para el Trabajo Fin de Grado” ("Get Ready for the Degree Final Project") that includes the following activities:
1) Workshop on Literature Sources and Search Strategies,
2) Workshop on Writing Style;
3) Coaching Session: How to Increase My Performance and Motivation; and
4) Workshop on Public Presentation and Defense of Degree Final Projects.

The implementation of these activities at different university centers would represent a substantial support for project supervisors. In addition, the skills and competencies acquired by the studies in this Program would contribute to facilitate, unify and standardize the criteria for the preparation of Degree Final Projects.