In recent years, there is an increasing tendency towards a virtual education model, based on new information and communication technologies. The didactic transformation is performed with different on-line communication tools and other virtual tutor ones which facilitate the on-line interactions and evaluation in the learning process.

This new methodology is flexible and dynamic in terms of information and not restricted by the location of students and teaching staff. In this way, developments in virtual instrument technologies greatly changed the traditional approach to teaching and practical experimentation and new information and communication technologies can be used to continuous education and training in different levels, from technical high schools and undergraduate academic courses through master and Ph.D. studies.

In the context of postgraduate programmes, the University of Granada (Spain) offers the Nutraceutical and Functional Food Expert Course. The purpose of this project is to introduce a teaching model based on blended learning with the use of face to face seminar and different collaborative tools provided by Moodle platform in their different modules. This work will provide an alternative learning and evaluation system.

To achieve this goal, the module entitled “Functinal Food Ingredients Testing Tool” will be partially virtualized. The learning process will take place in individual and a collective format by means of synchronic and asynchronic resources. Face to face seminar and laboratory practises will be used in conjunction with tools provided by Moodle platform: self-assessment questionnaires, individual questions to be sent by e-mail, forum and participation in the construction of the contents of the wiki.

A website has been developed to make the contents of this module available to students including different tools (forum, e-mails and wiki). Special attention will be given to the wiki, which will promote collaborative pedagogical approaches. The main objective of wiki will be to create functional food ingredients testing tool encyclopaedia available for the students, where they will play the leading role.

This preliminary survey will be implemented to know what the students think about this pedagogical approach. Regarding results obtained, the quality of future courses will be implemented. This research is funded by the teaching innovation project entitled " Introduction of the New Information and Communication Technologies for Improving the Nutraceutical and Functional Food Expert Course” coded 11-424 of the University of Granada.