This paper describes a web portal for accessing mobile based systems for educational purposes.

The systems are:
• Student Response System (SRS): A voting system for student response during classes or lectures. SRS allows for two voting sessions on the same question, thus making it ideal for peer instruction.
• Peer Learning Assessment System (PeLe): A voting system for assessments with immediate response. The lecturer will have full access to the students’ answers and progress, and can prepare a learning session after the test is finished adjusted in accordance to student results.
• Quick Evaluation System (EVAL): A voting system for immediate evaluation of a course. EVAL helps the instructors to solve misunderstandings and to focus their resources towards removing misconceptions experienced during the training session.

The three available tools are all based on use of handheld devices like mobile phones, pads, laptops or any other device equipped with a browser. An important feature is that the systems are independent of all other kind of software.

All systems are developed at HiST (Sør-Trøndelag University College) under the HiST Mobile Project, running from 2011 through 2015. The development and testing process has also received funding from the European Commission trough several KA-3 projects.