J. Armijo-Tortajada, N. Tarazona-Belenguer , J. González-Del Río 

Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN)
This work focuses on the course Design and Typography of the Design Engineering Master of the Higher Technical School of Design Engineering of the Valencia Polytechnic University taught between 2019 and 2020. The main goal of the script is to present the teaching experience and methodology followed, to assess the results and to consider improvements to be included in the next years.
The main purpose of the course is to transmit students that typography is used as an element of communication and presentation of the industrial product. For it, a methodology for the development of a typographic layout project is presented and students will be able to choose the most suitable typeface according to the specifications of the project, that is divided in two parts evaluated in four ways: (1) theoretical contents about typography history, typography components and typography classifications, evaluated in 8 tasks, an objective test and a brief academic paper on typography; (2) and typographic project development, evaluated in calligraphy and lettering workshops.
A short questionnaire is presented to the students on the first day of class, in which questions about typography are established to identify the level of knowledge on the subject.
Finally, at the end of the course, students are asked to fill out a new questionnaire whose questions allow, in addition to identifying the degree of satisfaction with the subject, but also to evaluate the achievement of the objectives established in the course.
During these years, it has been shown that at the beginning of the course the knowledge about typography that the students present is low, especially in specific questions regarding styles, history and designers and computer processing. These ignorances are seen in the majority of the cases solved after the completion of the course.