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The subject Pathology and Therapeutic Approach of the Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems is part of the second year in the degree of Physical Therapy, and constitutes the theoretical basis for following years.

One of the recurrent concerns students have is that classical masterclass procedures often makes them believe that every disease treated in this subject is essentially the same, and this creates a difficulty when recognizing the stage of different diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. This creates a necessity to develop new motivational strategies, giving students an active role in their learning creating a repository of ICT content and clinical cases that allows practical application of theoretical knowledge.

The objective is twofold:
- To use a playful and accessible environment to encourage the consolidation of the subject content, giving the student an active role during the process.
- To facilitate the teachers the unification of contents in practical skills to guarantee the quality of the students' training.

Material and methods:
Our project is intended both for theoretical and practical content.
Initially, students have been asked to prepare audiovisual content and fictitious clinical cases with cardiorespiratory pathologies. In this way, we have a variety of cases for each of the contents reflected in the teaching guide
To later create a repository using ICTS tools that improve or facilitate educational resources based on videos and clinical cases to help the understanding, learning and differential study of different diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems with respect to their clinical, diagnostic and medical treatment.
The content is easy to use and accessible and is available to teachers and students. This material will be placed in the institutional repository of the UV (Roderic) so that anyone can consult it in an organized way. This repository will be updated as new resources are generated or new similar projects are designed.

The implementation of new online technologies makes the existence of ICT tools necessary, having a greater impact the more accessible and user-friendly they are. Thus, providing both teachers and students with tools that are easy to use and at the same time allow contact between teachers and students, generating greater dissemination.
keywords: ict, active learning.