A. Aptekar

Technology is radically transforming colleges’ architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) programs. To teach students the skills they need in an ever-changing world, we have redrawn our architecture curriculum. It is supported by an award from the National Science Foundation/Advanced Technology Education program (NSF/ATE). We have now run it for one year. Our new courses utilize high impact practices including Cloud-based collaboration and information exchange. It has been a critical part of developing the building technology sequence of classes.

Horizontal collaboration is essential in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process at New York City College of Technology (City Tech). Students develop projects in classrooms by working in three-person teams drawn from the departments of Architecture Technology, Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology (CMCE). In order to complete their assignments team members must depend on each other’s work. This methodology introduces them to professional relationships and workflows.

Vertical integration between the design studios and the Building Technology classes is also required. Building Technology students examine Design Studio fundamentals so as to use them in developing a BIM model. This exercise illustrates to both groups of students the depth and breadth of research and information required to go from design to construction documentation. This experience generates enthusiasm from participants of both the design studio and the building technology class.