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P. Aparicio Martínez1, A.J. Perea-Moreno2, S. Pinzi3, M.P. Martínez-Jiménez2, M. Vaquero-Abellán4

1Nursing deparment of University of Córdoba (SPAIN)
2Applied Physics deparment of University of Córdoba (SPAIN)
3Dep. Physical Chemistry and Applied Thermodynamics University of Cordoba (SPAIN)
4Medicine and Nursing Faculty and Director General of Prevention and Environmental Protection of University of Cordoba (SPAIN)
The exhibition to biological agents is the risk of major incident between nursing students during the procedures that imply direct contact with corporal fluids. The needlestick is the biological accidents of major frequency. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) between 600.000 and 10.000.000 needlestick takes place annually. The students are thus more susceptible to these accidents during the practices.
The rapid development of network and multimedia technologies has allowed obtaining new ways of learning. As a result, an efficient alternative to get the students to learn by themselves and in an efficient way has been developed in order to make them able to handle different situations such as the instruments used in medical practices. In addition, this alternative could be combined with the use of virtual reality techniques before the incorporation of the student to those practices.
For all said previously, including the main object of the decrease the risks, that might have to face the nursing students in the close future, it has been accomplished a development and implementation project focused on a mobile, interactive and self-manageable web, that includes the mayor number of the latest multimedia tools accessible in the market with these objectives: 1 Detect the previous knowledge and the accidents’ incidence, 2 The creation and implementation of one formative mobile web which includes multimedia tools such as videos, games, tutorials, news, social networks, etc. and detect the degree of satisfaction and the influence of the informatics tool in the formation and prevention in biological accidents.

Material and methods:
The methodology has been divided on:
1º Fulfilment of a descriptive observational study about a students’ sample from UCO that have been enrolled and passed the practices
2º Development of a formative web: ( that is formed by games, tutorials, evaluation questionnaires, gallery of images, virtual laboratories and help.
The games area is based on three different games developed by Genially software: the microorganism search around the hospital, Biolchis which is focused on gaming by dice and the pathogen search called the Mapamundi. All the games integrate breve tutorials about the pathogens or microorganism found; their area of influence and the sanitary outcomes.
3. Students’ valuation of the games and the mobile web.

1 It has been resolved the basic and specific knowledge of the most evaluated students’
2. It has been resolved that the incidence of biological accidents is 15.6% which the 67% corresponds to needlsticks
3. It has been implemented the functional virtual classroom in the formative mobile web.
4. It has been evaluated the students satisfaction’s degree about the web platform by a anonymous survey

The evaluation of the basic knowledge shows that the frequency of correct answers increase related to the growth of the year. The incidence of biological accidents, most of them needlsticks, although is low, it increase related to the year of the practice.
The virtual classroom incorporates the interactive formation in order to decrease the incidence of biological accidents, specially the needlsticks and it is well evaluated by the students considerate it a resourceful resource in the self-learning and in interactive and ubiquitous information.