This article has as main purpose to describe and analyze the assessment dimensions in online courses, especially the ones implemented in Higher Education. In this sense, the analyzes were enriched with bibliographic and documental studies. In addition, were used in some cases, the nomination of examples from the experiences that the researchers had, in order to clarify the application of these dimensions in a real context. As main results, the study shows that it is essential to note that the distance learning courses that are developed exclusively online, have a distinct character and due to the challenges they face, they should be monitored and evaluated in all its aspects in a systematic, continuous and extensive way. A constant assessment of these courses assists in its continuity, since it brings out the deficiencies and possible actions in an effort to the process of improvement. In this sense, the evaluation process in this context should include minimally four dimensions: the learning evaluation, the analysis of didactic materials, the assessment of technological infrastructure and the institutional evaluation.