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Pages: 762-768
Publication year: 2016
ISBN: 978-84-608-5617-7
ISSN: 2340-1079
doi: 10.21125/inted.2016.1178

Conference name: 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Dates: 7-9 March, 2016
Location: Valencia, Spain


C. Anyinam1, S. Coffey2, R. Vanderlee3, C. Da Silva1, F. Smith4, H. Zitzelsberger2, J. Thompson4, F. Odette1

1George Brown College (CANADA)
2University of Ontario Institute of Technology (CANADA)
3Nipissing University (CANADA)
4National Educational Assocation for Disabled Students (CANADA)
Access to and participation in postsecondary education (PSE) is critical to achieving individual and societal prosperity, stability, and security in Canada and elsewhere.1,2 Yet at the same time, the historic failure of the education system, institutions, and governments to promote access and create appropriate supports for students with disabilities has contributed to their profound underrepresentation in PSE and, consequently, the labour market.1,3,4,5,6 In Ontario, persons with disabilities are less likely to finish high school, access PSE and attain PSE credentials, or earn a university degree than persons without disabilities.1,3,4,7 Increasing the participation of students with disabilities in PSE is vital to achieving the full participation of people with disabilities in Canadian society.

This presentation describes the goals of a project designed to create a social innovation networking - the Postsecondary Students with Disabilities Network (PSDNet). Developed through a partnership between George Brown College (GBC, Host Institution), the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS), Nipissing University, and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), the PSDNet will be a virtual network providing mentorship/coaching, learning, and community-building opportunities for PSE students with disabilities across Ontario. Goals and objectives of the project, anticipated outcomes, and progress to date will be presented. Additionally, results of a survey of PSE alumni with disabilities regarding their perceptions of useful site features to promote project goals will be reviewed.

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AU - C. Anyinam AU - S. Coffey AU - R. Vanderlee AU - C. Da Silva AU - F. Smith AU - H. Zitzelsberger AU - J. Thompson AU - F. Odette
SN - 978-84-608-5617-7/2340-1079
DO - 10.21125/inted.2016.1178
PY - 2016
Y1 - 7-9 March, 2016
CI - Valencia, Spain
JO - 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
JA - INTED2016 Proceedings
SP - 762
EP - 768
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C. Anyinam, S. Coffey, R. Vanderlee, C. Da Silva, F. Smith, H. Zitzelsberger, J. Thompson, F. Odette (2016) INNOVATION SUPPORTING POST-SECONDARY STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES, INTED2016 Proceedings, pp. 762-768.