Q. Angulo-Ibáñez, R. Zornoza-Zornoza, M. Almenar-Muñoz

Polytechnic University of Valencia (SPAIN)
The final scientific and technical papers in the specialities of higher technological education are treated as a subject, which have as a main objective to complete the academic training acquired during the degree and orientate students in a professional manner. In this way it is intended to promote the development of the achieved knowledge to solve common problems in the professional career. We have detected that the student presents serious difficulties when organising, locating and extracting the needed information to start any research work.

The purpose of this document is to capture a research methodology for the higher technology education student, based on the search of documents and related information to their line of work and use it as a basis for ordering information and be the starting point of their work.

The methodology for technological investigation is developed from a line of work or speciality. Tutors shall follow and advise students to select a specific topic and perform a bullet-point scheme to develop on the chosen area, in such a way that the student connects all the knowledge acquired during their studies for the development of its project, focusing it mainly towards where the documents and related information to their line of work is and sorting it based on that established script.

The results show that the direction of these works requires a constant updating and revision. Orientating students promptly in the development of their research produces a more favourable outcome in terms of work progression, meeting deadlines and achieving objectives in their scientific work.