A. Angulo1, N. Agulló2, J.R. García-Bernabeu3

1University of Alicante (SPAIN)
2Denia Hospital of Alicante (SPAIN)
3Spanish Association of Audiology – AEDA (SPAIN)
Nowadays, e-learning is becoming the preferred teaching method for a great number of subjects in different fields. Specifically, in Audiology, e-learning has proven to be very successful. We used this teaching system in postgraduate studies of Master in General Audiology organized by the Alicante University (Spain) during the last years with excellent results.

Our goal in this work is to develop a teaching material for practical Audiology knowledge that it could be acquired by e-learning. The most important and elemental Audiology tests for clinical studies of the patients with hearing problems are included. Anamnesis and clinic exploration (otoscopy, diapason test, tympanometry, tonal and verbal audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, etc.) are explained step by step and showed in photographs and videoclips.

Several e-learning tools are used, such as wiki or Moodle. The students are able to understand easily how this system works. In addition, students may deepen their knowledge via extensive theoretical material, if desired, as well as make use of forums where they are able to share their concerns or knowledge, both with peers and teachers.